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VERNON, Miss. (WCBI) – Despite cutbacks to the arts in public schools, a glee club style chorus is still going strong at Lamar County High School.

They sing their hearts out everyday, fortunate to continue doing what they love.

“We’re spending a lot of money on travel but so far we’ve been able to make enough money up with our fundraiser and things like that and contributions to keep the program going,” said Chorus Teacher Carl Woods.

Despite financial cuts in the district, the performing arts have left a musical mark at Lamar County High for 5 years now. Chorus Teacher Carl Woods calls them his angels. Even his grand daughter Palmer enjoys singing along.

It’s an ensemble, the students say, they can’t do without.

“It would be a shame not to have this group. It’s just a really like I said a really nice experience. You get to see people and excel,” said student Julia Rivin.

Lamar County High School FFA Chorus has traveled all over the state showing off their singing skills and once they go to college some of these girls will even purse a major in music.

“We’re always looking at things they can do in college, today I received three letters from colleges promoting scholarships in college and there’s a lot of schools that offer scholarships,” added Woods.

“It feels good, we’re really trying to work on it and make it better,” said student Ragan Robertson.

The all girl choir ranges in age from 12 all the way to 18 years old. They all look forward to future competitions.

“We try to involve as many kids as we can and we enjoy, I enjoy it myself. The kids enjoy it, our parents are very supportive and it’s always good. The more you keep them involved the better it is,” said Woods.

The group will be performing Friday night at Vernon City Hall.

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