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KILMICHAEL, Miss.(WCBI)–When the only full service grocery store in the Montgomery County town of Winona was destroyed by fire in July, it sent customers scrambling to find a place to shop. Without missing a beat, a store in Kilmichael becomes the hotspot in the middle of crisis, while The Super Value Store in Winona is bouncing back from the ashes.

In a stretch of Montgomery County to include Winona and Kilmichael there were only two places to get grocery items. When Super Value burned earlier this year, customers either shopped at Greenlee’s in Kilmichael or had to decide if they wanted to drive 20 miles from Winona to Grenada.

“We went from having a big store in the county and a small store, to having just a small store,” said Larry Greenlee/Grocery Store Owner.

The Super Value Store is on a fast track to being rebuilt, there are no longer ashes smoke and debris from that fire.

Meanwhile for Kilmichael store owner Larry Greenlee, its been a challenge he seems to be managing well. The first three weeks after Super Value closed, Greenlee, who use to order two small truck loads of merchandise, is now needing two larger trucks.

“It hasn’t doubled but its probably 35% more, 40 maybe. We can handle it, we can do it,” said Larry Greenlee.

So while Super Value in Winona continues making a comeback, Greenlee having hired 6 more employees, is doing his best to keep both his customers and himself happy for the time being.

“Till this is over I’m working full time now,” said Larry Greenlee.

The Super Value Grocery Store is expected to reopen sometime in January.

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