Video: Mooreville Middle School Takes Part In Statewide Tornado Drill

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MOOREVILLE, MISS. (WCBI) –  This week, Mississippi is observing “Tornado Preparedness Week.” It is an opportunity to educate everyone about the importance of having a plan when severe weather is imminent.
This morning, schools and government buildings statewide participated in a tornado drill and WCBI’s Allie Martin was at one Lee County school to see how it all went.

Students and teachers took advantage of the sunny skies, until 9:15 Wednesday morning that’s when Mooreville Middle School joined others across the state for a tornado drill.

Once the National Weather Service issued a warning for the drill, administrators and teachers moved into action.

Educators say it’s a good way to be sure everyone knows what to do, before dangerous weather strikes.

“I think this is one of the most important things we do, because I think one of the most important resources we have, not only in the schools, but in our lives are our own children, and my two children were in this position at one time and I always felt like they were safe at school,” said Eighth Grade Science Teacher Peggy Hussey.

Assistant Principal Patrick Comer says peace of mind for parents is another reason for the drill.

“It seems like the last several years there’s been more outbreaks of tornadoes and severe weather in our area, so it’s very important for students, teachers to know exactly what to do, and it’s also for parents as well so they know their students are safe and know what to do at the school in case severe weather does strike,” Comer said.

Students didn’t mind the interruption in their routine. After all, last year’s April 28th tornado is a constant reminder for many of these kids why these drills have to be taken seriously.

“If one of them would have come to our school while we were in class and we weren’t prepared, it might have swept our school away so if we are prepared then we can find a good route to get out and be safer in school,” said Eighth Grader Pierce Henry.

“I think kids need to be ready for this as well as me and I want to make sure that everybody is safe and I want to know my sister in elementary is safe too,” said Seventh Grader Skyler Humphries.

Tornado drills are held at Lee County schools each quarter.

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