Video: New MSU Police Chief Ready for New Job – New Semester

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MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV., Miss. (WCBI) – “Yes, we’ve been profiling police chiefs in our area, whether it’s Columbus, Starkville and of course MSU is a city within itself. And we’ve got a new police chief in the place, and his name is Vance Rice. And I believe you’re coming to us from Arkansas, sir?

“Yes sir, 25 years at University of Arkansas.”

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You’re coming at a very good time. It’s football season, and you’ve got literally thousands of students on campus.

“I’m very excited about it. The opportunity to stay at an SEC school and the whole atmosphere is just phenomenal in the SEC.”

Getting used to the maroon and white, I’m sure.

“Absolutely. Learning ‘hail state’ and ‘go dawgs.'”

Sir, you’re going to be responsible — they’re coming to campus now, they’re on campus, thousands of them — and you are responsible for their safety?

“Yes, we have just over 20,000 students here. Faculty, staff and visitors, so we very much are a city within a city.”

I was just talking about some of the services you provide. I know I saw some of your bikers, your officers on bikes already, and they’re patrolling. What, does that get you close to where everybody needs to be? A sense of security for them?

“Absolutely. The bike patrol gets the officers in with the students much more than officers in cars do. Of course, you can see behind us, we do have cars, which we’ve got some new cars on the way. We’ll be changing the striping package some. But bike patrol is one of our most effective forms of patrol on campus.”

Mississippi State University. And I’m told that pretty soon you’re going to have K-9 patrol active.

“This is true. We have purchased 2 k-9s, and they’ll be fully on campus by the end of next month.”

We’re certainly glad to have you, and I know everybody’s welcomed you already, but any final thing that you would like to say by way of assurance to the parents of these students on campus.

“Our officers are here 24/7, and we are watching out as best we can to make sure that all students have a safe and sucessful semester.”

Thank you sir, Chief, we’ll let you catch up working. He said, “Hail State.” Well, there you have it, new police here in place. And, of course, that’s Chief Vance Rice. And we’re so happy to have him here. We feel safe already. Go dogs!”