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[jwplatform ZAnQQypz] WINONA, Miss. (WCBI)- “It’s just a big inconvenience.”

Brittany Hardin feels trapped whenever she steps outside.

“We have a big hole in our yard, in our driveway,” said Hardin.

Sewer lines over 75 years old caved in, leaving dirt, water and a nasty smell.

“We have to either park over here or drive around to the back where we have to watch out cause it’s been raining and we don’t want to get stuck,” said Hardin.

Christina Colins says the odor is driving away her customers at Southside Market.

“It smells like a bathroom that the toilet has been stocked up for months at a time. I could smell it on the other side of my store over there. We sell sliced meat here and when they come in and they smell it they don’t want the meat anymore. Their stomach is turned because the smell just makes them sick to their stomach,” said Collins.

The old clay pipes are eating away at roads and cement throughout Winona. City leaders are applying for emergency grants, hoping they can fix the problem.

“It’s not difficult to fix them, the problem is money. That’s the problem in small town Mississippi. We just don’t have a lot of money. What we have to do now is piece it together with this $800,000 grant that we’re applying for. The board of aldermen are very supportive and feel the same way I do in trying to help the citizens,” said Mayor Jerry Flowers.

The people living by this stinky mess say the upgrades are long overdue but are happy they’re finally making progress.

“I think it should’ve happened a long time ago. The city and people of Winona deserve more,” said Collins.

“I’m ready for it to be finished. But I know once they get everything rolling they’ll finish it in a good amount of time,” said Hardin.

City leaders say they should hear a response for the grant within 7 days.

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