Video: Palmer Home Children Release 1500 Ladybugs

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-With spring comes flower beds and gardens, along with finding new ways to keep the bugs from killing your plants.

Spring is in the air…and as Palmer Home for Children in Columbus prepares for buyers to come purchase flowers and vegetables grown by the children, they are also finding new ways to keep the their products at there best. The children got the chance to learn about one insect that you want in your garden or green house.

“So today we talked about how many different species of lady bugs there really are and what lady bugs do their lifecycle, how long they last and how they can really be helpful in a green house,” says Kara Cope.

Some of the Palmer Home children get to release 1500 ladybugs to not only mark the beginning of Spring, but it’s also very beneficial for the plants.

“The lady bugs will eat all the bad bugs on the plants,” says Hailey.

“This is one thing we have never done. This is a natural way to cut back on the bugs so we thought it would be a great way for the kids to learn a natural way of keeping our pests down,” says Copes.

Kara Copes, a house parent at Palmer Home, says she wanted to use this fun experience as a teaching moment.

“I think the more ways you can make learning fun the more that kids will remember it and it will stick with them and next time they see a lady bug i’m sure they’ll remember what we did today and how helpful lady bugs can really be,” says Copes.

“What is one thing that you learned today that you didn’t know before about lady bugs?”  “That they play dead,” says Hailey.

Being a part of the whole growing process, Copes says it gives the children a sense of accomplishment.

“The kids are a big part here in growing and helping us take care of our plants from tiny little seedlings to all the way up to big beautiful baskets that you see now so the kids are really proud of what they do here,” says Copes.

Palmer Home for Children’s grand opening of their Green Houses will be next Saturday from 9am to 2pm.

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