Video: Personal Mementos Far-Flung After Monday’s Storms

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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — Reports came in during this week’s storms regarding debris falling from the sky, but what about personal mementos? Caledonia residents Keith and Judy Knight were shocked Tuesday when they stumbled upon just that. Judy said amid the scattered garbage and scrap in their backyard were personal mementos.

Among other things, Judy’s husband discovered a Bank of Louisville check dated 1974, a portrait, and newspaper clippings. Neither of them could believe what they had found, or how it could have survived after such a long journey.

“It was amazing to us that it survived all of the wind and the rain, and that it actually made it this far, 70-80 miles away,” said Knight. “It’s just unreal to think of how powerful these winds were.”

Judy said she and her husband were immediately touched after discovering the items, and began praying for the families affected by the storm.

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