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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Christmas is almost here, and that means Santa Claus is coming to town to bring gifts for those who have been good this year.

But how does he get into those homes with security systems?

Not every home in North Mississippi has a fireplace.

That can make Santa’s job a challenge. Especially getting inside homes with security systems.

“We’ve never had where Santa’s set the alarm off, and it’s just kind’ve an unsolved mystery,” said Alarm One Co-owner Steve Pyle. “You know, how he gets in these houses without setting these alarms off.”

Pyle says a lot of people call them each year, wanting to know if they should still arm their security system.

“We still encourage them to arm their alarm system to keep it armed. Never have a problem where Santa doesn’t make it. He always gets inside the house. Leaves the presents for the kids.”

And Pyle says Old Saint Nick doesn’t leave out local businesses.

“Santa manages to get in our business too. Even though we’re an alarm company, he also still manages to get in here.”

It remains a mystery how Santa gets inside.

Even if he did know, Pyle says his lips are sealed.

“Oh no. Definitely. Definitely wouldn’t tell anyone.”

No matter how Santa manages to bring your gifts, you can bet it’s Christmas magic.

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