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UNDATED (WCBI)-Social media has made it much easier to stay connected to the people we care about. At their best, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram helps us share our lives and forge lasting friendships. But when someone sets up a phony account, under your name, your reputation can be ruined.  Twitter lets you tell the world what you are thinking, or doing, with just a few keystrokes. It’s been a big hit with both the young and old.

“Well I keep up with my friends on twitter but I keep up with the news, weather,and sports here at State and class stuff,” said Gina Neal, MSU Student.

“I think you should get one. I mean, me personally, I use my twitter all the time. I was just on twitter when you came and got me actually,” said Martha Alwal, MSU Sports.

“And a lot of programs that we have on campus we promote it on twitter and instagram and facebook,” said Robert Nichols, MSU Student.

“Like a journal, like a diary where I’m just sort of saying what I think and putting those thoughts out there. Assuming that others are caring about what it is I have to say,” said Cheryl Chambers, MSU Communications Instructor.

Twitter can also be a handy networking and business tool.

“I think twitter is a great way to like get to know people and socialize, especially like going to Mississippi State, its over 20,000 students so,” said Jasmine Johnson, MSU Student.

Starkville police are looking into fake twitter accounts set up in the name of two aldermen.

“So specially when we think of maybe someone like a politician who has had their identity stolen or something like that. Its harder for the public to believe that that wasn’t truly them. Even if they hear it, you know, the rumor they hey that wasn’t actually this particular person saying these things or creating that account. That first impression is what sticks,” said Chambers.

“Its very disrespectful,that’s very disrespectful having somebody believe they are talking to somebody that they are really not,” said Nichols.

“I like twitter, There is pros and cons to everything you do so you got to look at the good rather than the bad,” said Neal.

When we look at the social media and the invention of twitter, twitter has been with us now since 2006.



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  • Thomas Jefferson

    Political satire and parody is a time honored tradition in the United States and has been since before the American Revolution. Many people throughout the world use parody twitter accounts to get their message. Twitter is anonymous which generally means freer speech. The fact that the thought police and the actual police are attempting to silence and punish these 2 political activists is sickening. I thought we lived in a free country.

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