Video: Shuqualak Man Continues to Fight for His Life Through Faith

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SHUQUALAK, Miss. (WCBI) — After 3 hospitals, including one out of state, and a stay at a nursing home a Shuqualak man is coming home.
After slipping into a coma 7 months ago Christopher Newman will now be cared for at home.

In September Christopher Newman was a healthy,life loving, new grad. He had just started his first teaching job, and bought a new car.
7 months later his Christmas presents still pile up as he lays in coma in a facility in Houston,Texas.

“When your child is like this, it’s hard to be where you don’t have the support group,” says his mother, Sheila VanDevender.

Although Christopher has a brain tumor, his family was told he was fine. Cleared from needing a check up for 3 years. But one day a headache turned into more.

“The fluid got really bad on his brain that day. We’ve heard different things, that he had a stroke, that there’s damage there. We’ve heard that the tumor got bigger, there’s damage there. We don’t really know,” says VanDevender.

They wish they would have second guessed his release.

“Even when the doctor says it’s okay, I wish now we would have got a second opinion about the tumor,” says VanDevender.

His family is forced to look for answers 8 hours from home because no where in Mississippi can handle a case like his. Something The Vandevenders’ want others to know, in case they ever are in he same boat.

” Just needs to be a better awareness,cause we never thought we’d have to go through something like this,” says VanDevender.

Soon, after some training, he will be cared for at home, the best option his families figure out, for now.

“Go in there an watch a movie, we can do that.Or if I want to go pray for him, I can pray for him. It’s going to be hard, and it’s going to be hard on our other kids. I do know that. They’re scared, they’re very scared,” says VanDevender.

Prayer is what keeps this family going.

“We want everybody to keep praying, because we believe that’s what is going to bring him through this. We’ve got to have that miracle. So we just ask everybody to pray and believe what you pray because God is still in the miracle making business,” says VanDevender.

Vandevender says they are so thankful for the support they’ve already received.

“It’s getting hard to look at people in the eye because they’ve done so much for us. And they have. They’ve loved us and it’s just been wonderful,” says VanDevender.

They will continue to fight for their son, praying for that miracle, and hoping he will soon wake up…so he can keep cheering on his beloved Rebels.

“We will continue to look until he draws his last breath, you know? We will.”

When Christopher moves home his family will continue to get him a variety of therapies, hoping for the best.

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