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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-A Starkville High math teacher gave his students a lesson they wont soon forget. That lesson taught them, he didn’t have to be in the classroom for their academic instruction to continue.

This semester faithful math teacher Wade Williams could be seen going over equations and formulas with his calculus and algebra students. But for one week, Williams, while on his honeymoon with his beautiful new bride was teaching his class.

He taught via recorded smart board.

“In the weeks leading up to my wedding I planned out my lessons a few weeks in advance and knew what I was going to be teaching for that week that I was out and so I used the smart board software and recorded myself teaching,” said Wade Williams, SHS Math Teacher.

“Well it was definitely an extra mile I have never had any teacher do anything like that except, specially on calculus which is not, it is not an easy class,” said Sancia Borganelli, SHS Math Student.

Using his voice and certainly his math knowledge, not yours, Williams recorded 12 videos labeling them for his sub teacher to make available student instruction, while he was on his honeymoon.

“They were actually just joking with me that they think that they did better the week that I was gone than they have when I’m here. But the response was mixed. Some of them enjoyed the videos and some of them liked the better interaction with me in the room,” said Williams.

Many students did appreciate being taught in the same teaching style they were accustomed to experiencing. Smart board and accompanying software for classroom use, is certainly changing the way previous generations were taught.

“And not only did he record videos, he sent the link for like Con Academy. So even if we didn’t understand him doing it, which of course we did, but we also had Con Academy to back it up,” said Borganelli.

Williams recorded 12 videos of new material for 3 or 4 lessons for each math class.


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