Video: Starkville P.D. Teaches People The Law

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Starkville, Miss. (WCBI) — The Starkville Police Department is trying their best to bring the community and law enforcement together.

With strained relationships between communities and law enforcement all across the nation, Starkville P.D. is taking a proactive approach.

That’s why they started their first ever Citizen’s Academy.

The ten week program shows ordinary people what a day is like for the law.

“The program from beginning to end is set up, of course, to show them not only the training, the different aspects of the department but to show them also why the officer is doing they’re doing…”, says Training Officer Corporal Josh Wilson.

The academy exposes citizens to things from firearms training to working with the district attorney.

The police hope for the academy is it can rebuild the trust people should have in their law enforcers.

“We want to be transparent so that citizens have faith in us to come to us and say here is a problem and we’d like for you to resolve it and then we want to turn around and resolve that issue…”, says Wilson.

Graduate Tammy Carlisle says she joined the Academy to learn something new, and to gain a knowledge of the ins and outs of law enforcement.

“….We’ve gotten the correct information and now when we’re out talking to our friends and we hear stuff that’s just not correct, we can say no that’s not really how it works or maybe you can call and ask a question…”, says Carlisle, “…so its really opened the lines of communication a lot which is sorely needed.”

The grads will also be the voice of the community for Starkville P.D. by giving them tips and ideas to improve their service.

Citizens are encouraged to sign up by filling out an application at city hall. Police will then run a background check on each applicant.

You must be 21 years or older and pay a $50 fee to apply. You also must be a resident of Starkville and students who attend Mississippi State University are considered Starkville residents.

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