Video: Student Reaction To Removal Of Confederate Flag


by Victoria Bailey

STARKVILLE, Miss.(WCBI)—Another Mississippi college is no longer flying the state’s flag.

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Mississippi State University becomes the 6th of the state’s eight universities to stop flying the state flag, which features the Confederate symbol.

MSU spokesman Sid Salter said that the university’s president, Dr. Mark Keenum, approved plans to remove the flag from most parts of it’s Starkville campus.

It’s been replaced with bigger American flags.

Mississippi’s flag has long been criticized as a symbol of racial oppression, but voters overwhelmingly supported keeping it back in 2011.

Salter didn’t say how many of the flags were removed, or when they were taken down. He did say it remains as part of a 50-state flag display in a cafeteria.

Kourtney Holmes, a student, says,”I think that’s a start. We’re on the right path to um removing them all. I think they all should be removed. We are a campus that promotes diversity and being one of the most diverse campuses in Mississippi and Umm I just don’t think it’s right.”

Gabby Harmon a student said, “I think being in the south it has a lot of umm negative connotation I guess and lot of people view it in different ways.”

Elis Cane, a student says, “I think it’s a small step towards… you know. They are just showing that they do care for us like some of the students who care about having the flag out and you know I think sooner or later the whole school will be removing the flag.”

Tyler Wilson, a student says, “I know that it definitely offends some people and that should be taken into account but I also think that there is a place for history so you kind need to find the balance between them.”

Mississippi University for Women has also announced that it removed the flag from its campus display, leaving Delta State as the only public university to openly fly the banner.