Video: Tupelo Joins Food Truck Revolution

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TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – A new business in our area is attracting a lot of attention on the street and on social media. As WCBI’s Allie Martin reports, a mobile food truck that opened for business several months ago is keeping its owner busy and keeping customers coming back for more.

Every Friday, this turquoise colored truck sits outside the entrance to Fairpark in downtown Tupelo. It’s lunchtime and the city’s first food truck is doing a brisk business.

Curt Mclellan is owner, operator and chef for this kitchen on wheels. He has worked in various aspects of the food service industry for years and when he moved to Tupelo from Nashville, he figured it was time to bring a food truck to T town.

After buying a truck, redoing the interior, including new plumbing and fixtures, and getting necessary permits, he was ready to start cooking.

“It’s a lot of work, early mornings, late afternoons, but it’s , it’s worth it, it’s a lot of fun,” said Mclellan.

The restaurant on wheels has attracted a loyal following.

“I got the chicken and dumplings. I’ve been coming since day one,” said Loyal Customer Vince Hodges.

“The shrimp po boy is pretty strong, the sliders are great, it’s all good,” said Loyal Customer Michael Addison, who even helped Curt come up with a name for the business.

“Curt had a list of names, he enlisted the help of me and a few other friends to kind of drill through them and we all sat down one night and decided local mobile was a great one, cause he’s a local guy, can go anywhere,” Addison said.

Mclellan doesn’t have an advertising budget, he relies on word of mouth, and social media. In fact, many people are familiar with Local Mobile’s tagline.

“It’s a food truck, y’all.”

While it helps to be social media savvy, Local Mobile’s marketing manager says the main ingredient to the success of this new business is no secret.

“The food was good from day one, he had it right, had that not been the case, we would have had customers but we wouldn’t have had them come back,” said Ashley Prince, marketing director for “Local Mobile.”

As long as they keep coming back, and bringing their friends, Curt will keep on cooking, and he may even expand to new territories.

Local Mobile’s daily location, along with menu items can be found on social media.

You can find Local Mobile on Facebook at local MOBILE and on Twitter at LOCALMOBILETUP

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