Video: Utility Rate Incentive Program Continued for Small Businesses

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TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – Thursdays are usually busy for Brittany McCain.

When she’s not ringing up customers’ purchases, she’s putting out new inventory. She buys clothing from people, then resells it.

Like many other small business owners, McCain has been able to save on her utility deposits and monthly bill through an incentive program set up by Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley.

She puts the savings back into her business.

“I purchase all my inventory every week so that is a nice chunk of inventory that I can purchase, it helps, you can pay other bills, 25 percent of any bill is a whole lot,” McCain said.

The Small Business Rate Incentive Program was set to expire at the end of 2013, but Presley asked gas and utility companies to extend the program through the end of this year. During a brief press conference, held at Resale Therapy, Presley announced the extension of the incentive program.

“Small business owners are the folks creating 2 out of every 3 jobs in America, this announcement today is to announce these rate incentives will be on the books and open enrollment through the end of 2014 which is going to help provide real assistance to real businesses creating jobs in Mississippi, these are business owners who aren’t packing up and going to China, they’re staying here in Mississippi,” Presley said.

The incentive program began two years ago as a way to help small businesses weather the economic recession. It can also be used to recruit new businesses.

“When people come to our office looking for help , this is another tool we have to give to those potential business owners to encourage them and provide incentives to open their business right here in Tupelo Mississippi,” said Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton.

In the past two years, the incentive program has helped more than 1,00 small businesses save more than $400,000 in upfront costs, and it has provided more than 600 new jobs. With those numbers, Presley says there is a good chance he will seek to extend the program into next year.

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