VIDEO: West Point Capital Murder Investigation

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – Almost a month after a West Point man dies in a house, police arrest his daughter in law and charge her with capital murder.

On Thursday, November 23rd the West Point Police and Fire Department responded to a fire on Washington St.

When the Blaze was contained 62 year old William Brownlee Sr’s charred remains were found inside.

“We do have Latoria Brownlee charged with capital murder. We do know that it was a homicide,”said West Point Criminal Investigator Eric Johnson.

West Point Criminal Investigator Eric Johnson responded to the Thanksgiving day blaze.

He says his department wanted to explore all possibilities before declaring the worst.

“Basically you want to rule out everything before you charge a person. Capital murder is a very serious charge. We wanted to rule out everything that might have been accidental at least try and rule out everything that was accidental. Based on our facts and findings we are able to charge her with capital murder,” said Johnson.

District Attorney Scott Colom says he is thankful for the thorough investigation of the response teams. He says their efforts take them a step closer to justice for the Brownlee family.

“It means that the process has started and that’s a result of the hard work of the West Point Police department and the other agencies that collaborated in this effort. I think that after reviewing the evidence it’s a strong case and the district attorney’s office is prepared to present the case to a grand jury and prosecute the case to the fullest extent,” said Colom.

Though there’s a suspect in custody. The Brownlee family is faced with losing another loved one.

“Both sides of the family are going to mourn a lose. You had the mourn of a lost thanksgiving day with the lose of a grandfather now you’ve got two daughters dealing with the fact that they lose their granddaddy and now possible going to lose their mom being that she’s being charged with this murder,” said Johnson.

“There’s not going to get closure till we get a conviction. We are happy that we’ve don’t a thorough investigation to start the process of getting the family closure because that’s the district attorney and police departments number one priority,”said Colom.

Brownlee will be back in court January 30th.

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