VIDEO: Winston Medical Center Receives A Regional Honor

WINSTON COUNTY, Miss(WCBI)—There’s cause for celebration in Winston County.

The Winston Medical Center receives Regional recognition for its hard work and dedication to the community.

The medical center was named the 2017 Most Outstanding Rural Hospital award. CEO Paul Black says he couldn’t be more honored to work along side such a fantastic staff.

“It’s a lot of pride and appreciation. I couldn’t be any prouder in a group of people then I am of this group people. I have been fortunate enough to work with them, really for the last six years. It’s just kind of humbling to be at that point in time,”said Black.

The award is to highlight the things the medical center’s done to help the health care in the area during the last several years.

” We just concentrated on what we do. We take care of patients. We take care of the individuals, the people of Winston County. As long as we concentrate on that, it really kind of goes back to what we said, right off the bat, it’s what’s on the inside that counts,” said Black.

Licensed practical nurse, Valerie Lee, says the new facility does help them meet all the needs of the patients.

“It feels awesome, you know, to be here. The old place was destroyed and just to be here in this environment, the campus and everything is just refreshing,”said Lee.

After the tragedy of the 2014 tornado Louisville Mayor Will Hill says it’s nice seeing their work rewarded.

Well, we’ve had our trials and tribulations and we will continue to. We hope Winston Medical Center is a beacon of momentum for the progress here in Winston County,”said Hill.

Friday’s award ceremony and celebration was open to the community.

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