Video: Would You Drug Test Your Child?

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MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)-A Southeastern Indiana school is providing free drug testing kits for parents to use on their kids.

Even for children as young as fifth and sixth graders. So the question is would you or have you ever drug tested your child? We head to the streets to see how some parents would respond.

“As far as drug and all in our schools these days I think it would be best. Because our kids today you never know where they are getting them from, who they are getting them from,” says Tracy Murff.

“Kids nowadays are starting really young. If you have suspicion on it I think it’s great because that way the parents they actually can decide what to do for the best for the child because if they are using drugs they actually need to have something to help them to take care of the situation,” says Sharon Simmons.

You can purchase drug testing kits at stores like Wal-mart for 12 to 35 dollars.

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