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GORDO, Ala. (WCBI) – A military veteran is walking cross country in support of the wounded warrior project. Its a 2,800 mile trek from South Carolina to California.

Leaving the city limits of Gordo, early Tuesday morning a veteran from New York could be seen pulling a well crafted travel cart down Highway 82 in West Alabama. The former soldier’s trek began in Charleston South Carolina.

“I’m no stranger to those woods at all. I went to boot camp for the Marine Corps in Parris Island, South Carolina. So I’m pretty familiar with the area and Charleston and the South in general has been very good to me,” said Josh Lydell with The Warrior Walk.

In support of the wounded warrior project, Lydell has a strong sense of purpose and is ever so mindful of his mission.

“I’m a healthy guy. I have both arms and legs. I’m not beat up too badly. I’m taking the steps that a lot of other people can’t. And I feel like as a healthy person then its kind of my obligation to help take care of the people that are not healthy,” said Lydell.

At first glance, our walker has the appearance of being someone homeless and in need of help. That’s far from the case, the ordinary looking guy is hoping to have an impact on those that are really homeless, unemployed, need benefits, and are suffering from physical wounds and those scares we can’t see… like PTSD.

“It just opens a lot of peoples’ hearts up. I think this cause attracts all the right kinds of people,” said Lydell.

When the cross country challenge comes to an end, maybe those physical and emotional wounds of warriors who wear and are still in uniform, will be empowered by the actions of one man.

“It’s kind of a universal constant in this world that there will be some suffering. I’m going to do everything in my power to help ease other peoples’ suffering if I can,” said Lydell.

Our cross country walker is expected to reach San Francisco, California in about six months. Be sure to visit the following websites to find out how you can help wounded warriors. facebook.com/joshualydell, twitter.com/joshlydell, or youtube.com/user/joshlydell.

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