W Unity Project aimed to bring community closer

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) —  A message of love, unity and accepting one another regardless of what you believe in.

That is what the W Unity Project at the Mississippi University for Women is trying to send everyone at the university.

In 2020 alone,” said Cameron Eaves, Assistant Director, Student Success Center. “There have been students who have felt maybe not as safe as possible on campus.”

Junior Brittany Bigott said she has seen discrimination first-hand, but the beauty of this project is to show that we all share similarities.

“Growing up in the south in the middle of nowhere, there’s a lot of discrimination, whether it be race or weight or sexual orientation or gender orientation,” she said. “There’s a lot of discrimination happening and seeing stuff like this is a very physical, in your face way of saying deep down we are just humans we are just skeletons living inside of bodies and we are all humans.”

Dwight Doughty, Assistant Director of Admissions, is hoping this project will be a stepping stone in uniting everyone moving forward.

“So more than anything this project gives us the opportunity to appreciate and embrace the differences of others and at the end of the day understand that we are all the same human race,” said Doughty.

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