Waffle House waffle mix sells out in four hours

Breakfast lovers may have to go back to making pancakes, as waffle mix is getting hard to come by. At least if one wants the Waffle House brand, which ran out within four hours of the popular restaurant chain offering it for sale online.

Waffle House said Wednesday it was offering its branded mix for a limited time, with the nearly 2,000-outlet chain posting in a tweet: “Keep the Waffle House experience alive in your Waffle Home.” The company later returned to Twitter to say it had sold out of the mix, but is working to restock.

Every order included three 13-ounce bags, each holding enough for five to six waffles, and costs $20, excluding shipping, according to the company’s website.

Atlanta restaurant is feeding out-of-work food service employees

Efforts to curb the coronavirus are shutting down dine-in service at most restaurants across the country, leaving those still open offering takeout and delivery instead. Some including Panera Bread have shifted their business models to even add groceries to their menu options.

Waffle House on March 26 counted 429 of its restaurants as totally closed, and another 1,563 as “still cooking and offering carryout.”

Before the pandemic, Waffle House ran an online store, offering mugs, caps and their house-brand coffee.

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