VIDEO: Warm Weather Means Long Lines At The Car Wash


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – This warm weather is a splash of business for SuperSonic Carwash in Columbus.

“A lot, probably, maybe like 30 or 40. There was a line when I came in, so it was like back to back going through, and then you know, it was kind of full, as far as like, vacuuming, and things of that nature,” says customer, Tremaine Jones.

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Car after car pulling in for a fresh wash, a nice shine on the wheels, and a good vacuuming out.

“It just feels so nice after such a week of being stuck inside with the cold weather. It’s just nice to be out and about,” says customer Sara Dykes.

It’s also nice for SuperSonic Carwash to see these spaces full because the recent cold weather and car washes don’t mix.

“We had to keep heaters in the tunnel over here, and if we didn’t keep those heaters filled with diesel, we would defiantly freeze up. I replaced one, two lines, in this tunnel over here,” says SuperSonic Carwash maintenance manager, Jeremy Ussery.

Ussery says they’re usually open for washing 26 to 28 days out of a month, but the freezing temps froze business longer than usual.

“Water freezes at 32 degrees and we can’t wash, so you know, being six days out of this month, we’ve been shut down due to all of the cold weather. We couldn’t even open, and yesterday and today have been the product of the nice 60 degree temps, and it’s been steady.”

Ussery says although they were closed, he didn’t stop working because he knew these warmer temps would roll in a lot of cars.

“We were prepared. I came in on our days when it was snowing and everybody was not moving, I was here making sure equipment was not froze up and if it was, I was fixing it, and taking care of it, and getting us ready to go for these pretty days like today.”

Ussery also says many people would think winter is the slowest time of year for car washes, but it’s actually the summer months.