Webster County residents react to sheriff’s sentencing

WEBSTER COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- For months the families of Tim Mitchell and Landon Griffin have been stuck in a state a limbo

Now with the ruling finalized, they can start the steps to move forward.

“I think Mr. Mitchell is ready to get on with the next phase of his life and move on and get this past him. I think there’s a little bit of relief in the family,” said Mitchell’s lawyer Austin Vollor.

“It is the starting of a new chapter, Landon is taking responsibility for what he was accused of doing, and he is not willing to put the blame on anyone but him, so he has stepped up, and I’ve done what I’ve accused of I’m ready to pay my price to society and that’s what began today,” said Griffin’s lawyer Francis Springer.

Webster County residents have been in limbo as well. The sentencing was the news some people had been waiting for.

“He done the crime he deserves the time. Just like anybody else would. He knows the law he should’ve abided by the book,” said resident Rachel James.

While others were upset about the ruling.

“Very upset because I really like Tim, I’ve been knowing Tim practically all my life. If you do wrong, you gonna have to serve your time I mean I understand that but I just, I hate it you know what I’m saying,” said resident Olivia Pass.

With this behind them, many residents are looking ahead and hoping the county can change for the better.

“I just hope the town becomes a better town because I lost two sons in my town too. I think the prison system, the law, and all of it something should be done about it all. It’s not just dealing with Tim; it’s a lot to be done,” said Pass.

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