Webster County Sheriff Tim Mitchell’s arraignment

GRENADA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- The Webster County Sheriff has been on the other side of the bars for 29 days.

Sheriff Tim Mitchell is charged with a dozen felonies.

Early Wednesday, Tim Mitchell went in front of Circuit Judge Joseph Loper in Grenada County for his arraignment.

“Be fair. To put it out to the court and flush that out with the jury and the judge,” said Austin Vollor.

Sheriff Mitchell pled not guilty to all 12 felony charges and went home on a $400,000 bond.

But that bond has multiple stipulations

“He has to wear an ankle bracelet monitoring him, and he has to remain at home anytime that he is out,” said Doug Evans.

In addition, Sheriff Mitchell will not be allowed contact with anyone at the Webster County Sheriffs Department nor will he be allowed to conduct any sheriff business.

His defense attorney Austin Vollor said he is ready to get the ball rolling.

“We want to get this behind us so that’s what we’re looking for and I’m certain the district attorney office feels the same way. Everybody wants a resolution to this as long as it’s fair and we’re ready to roll on it,” said Vollor.

District Attorney Doug Evans said the next step for both sides is getting everything prepared for the trial.

He hopes this will be a turning point for Webster County.

“Hopefully this will get the people of the county confidence that if crimes are committed, they’re going to be investigated, doesn’t matter who the person is that did them,” said Evans.

Sheriff Mitchell’s trial has been set for June 24.

The trial is set to take place in the new Webster County Courthouse.

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