West Point museum portrays influential women in blues

WEST POINT, Miss ( WCBI) – The Black Prairie Blues Museum is celebrating Women in History month by hosting an art exhibit.

The event will display work from artists all over the Golden Triangle.

March highlights the work and contributions women have made throughout history.

Deborah Mansfield, Director of the Black Prarie Blues Museum, says artists from around the area are giving back by remembering influential women in the blues.

” You always know about the men in the blues but never really hear about the women,” said Mansfield.

Blues Music was birthed in the 1800s. While you have probably heard of famous men in the industry, women were some of the first to record blues tunes.

Mansfield says that many of the women expressed themselves in unique ways through their music.

“If you knew and looked at some of the histories of these women, there were some shocking women. The songs that they wrote and the lyrics,

and the performances. They opened the door for other women musicians, ” said Mansfield.

The exhibit will display many accredited artists’ works throughout the area.

” All of the artists are so very talented. We have artists from Mississippi State in the graphics department and the art department and then we

have some very accomplished artists from all across the state that has sold their work for thousands and thousands of dollars,” said Mansfield.

The artists have donated their work to the museum for the live auction and proceeds will go towards events they have throughout the year.

Opportunities like this help the museum continue to grow and for artists to gain exposure.

” When you’re an artist you just want to paint or create and I think given every opportunity an artist wants to get involved and give back to the community, ” said Mansfield.

The exhibit will be Friday night from 6 -8.

To learn more you can visit blackprariebluesmuseum

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