West Point pharmacy looks to provide accessible healthcare

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – Across the country, many independent pharmacies are selling out or closing up, and even large retailers are cutting staff and services.

A home-owned pharmacy in West Point is bucking those trends.

It is rolling out a new service to help its customers with their healthcare needs.

A pharmacy tech at Point City said they’re stepping things up to fill that void and provide more accessible healthcare to all of their customers.

For years, until they closed, Rose’s Drug store offered at-home medication delivery.

Now with Point City being the only independent pharmacy in West Point, Wendy McMullen said they are adopting their old neighbor’s services.

“We started looking into delivery after an independent in town closed. They had been offering it for years, and so we know there definitely is a need for this service in our hometown. Right now we are kinda just getting started,” said McMullen.

McMullen said this is a way to serve all those in the community.

No matter the circumstances.

“We have patients who are getting older and this gives them a chance to stay home either out of the weather or they don’t drive. We have not even older patients but sometimes people work and go in before we start our day and get off after we close,” said McMullen.

If you won’t be home during the time of delivery, that’s okay. Just call the pharmacy and they will make sure and put it in a safe spot for you.

With many medications on back order, independent pharmacies have added flexibility and are able to work with secondary companies.

This allows them to find certain medications that big retailers may not have and is another way to help their customers get what they need.

“That’s what one of my jobs is, is to look for medicines that we can not get from our normal distribution center from that company. We are able to look at several different companies to find even at a cheaper cost,” said McMullen.

Whether you are coming into the store or they are delivering to you, this is a way Point City Drugs is continuing to grow relationships with its customers.

All deliveries will be made on Wednesday for a $5 charge.

To get on their drop-off list, Point City said to call by 3 p.m. on Tuesday.

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