Winona resident says city sewage flooded her home

WINONA, Miss. (WCBI) – Winona resident has found herself back in the same situation: uprooted and looking for answers.

The resident claimed that the city sewage has flooded her home and that the city is not offering much guidance in this process.

It was the June flood that caused the worst of the damage leaving an ankle-deep mixture of water and sewage throughout the home.

This was over two years ago, and today, Rebecca Washington is back in the same crisis: homeless.

“I am tired of this,” said Washington.

What seemed like a nightmare from the past is back on Winona resident’s front door.

“September 8, when I unlocked the door, the sewage smell just hit me in my face. And I said no, and I looked down on the floor, and I saw the sewage,” said Washington.

She said she has been dealing with the same problem for over six years. And just like two years ago when we interviewed her, she is still looking to the city for answers.

“The sewage pipeline, he said it, is just messed up; he said it was going to have to be replaced not just here but the main one and just have to be replaced,” said Washington.

It was Frank Faulkner, the city of Winona’s Water and Sewer superintendent, who was unavailable for an on-camera interview; however, over the phone, he acknowledged that “the infrastructure in Winona is in really bad shape.”

“I want to know what are they going to do next because I want to be in a home too,” said Washington.

Winona Mayor Aron Dees said this is an unfortunate situation, but there is a process and protocols the city must follow.

“We are waiting on the insurance. We are waiting on insurance; once we get that information to tell us ‘hey, the city is at fault or not at fault on this’,” said Dees.

The Board of Supervisors will meet and discuss the insurance adjuster’s findings Monday.

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