Wives Making Rules For Mid South Retailer

JACKSON ( RELEASE) – For the second year in a row, Betty Maloney, Rhoda Maloney and Sharon Maloney are closing all Cowboy Maloney’s locations on Thanksgiving Day.


  Cowboy Maloney’s is a family business and the wives have stepped in and laid down the law!  Betty Maloney said, “Thanksgiving Day is for families to spend time together” and Rhoda Maloney agreed by saying, “So this Thanksgiving Day, all Cowboy Maloney locations will be closed”.  Sharon Maloney stated, “But starting Black Friday, at 7:30 in the morning, the Boys will have Outstanding Black Friday Specials for you while they last and you can see them in the Thanksgiving Day Paper”.

Since Cowboy Maloney’s is a family business, they held their Christmas Party for their associates in October at the Mississippi State Fair, hosting around 450 associates and family members to a night of Rides, Food and Fun with their families.  Con Maloney said, “Being in retail, we know how tough it is to find time to take off in December so we have our Christmas Party in October”.

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