Work session: CMSD Board looks at list of repair, reno priorities

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The Columbus School Board continued to whittle down its list of renovation and repair priorities.

At a special call meeting, trustees held a work session with representatives from Pryor and Morrow Architects.

The firm conducted a study of district campuses to determine what type of work was needed.

The main sticking point has been the price tag. Last week, they got the number down to a little over $60 million. But that’s still about double what the district feels comfortable spending.

The board wants to float a bond for between $30 million and $35 million.

A previous $30 million bond rolls off the ledger this year, and if the new debt was close to that amount, then the district wouldn’t have to alter its budget.

The amount going to pay off debt would remain close to the same.

“And, so, we feel confident with the number that we have tonight, after we refine it just a little bit more, that we will be in a place where we are able to move forward and begin to share more with the community in regards to our needs,” said Superintendent Dr. Stanley Ellis.

The rough number the board reached tonight was $38 million, still higher than the 30 to 35 that they would like to reach.

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