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[bitsontherun 9IlwHgUK]Aberdeen, Miss. (WCBI) -Some major changes have taken shape in the Aberdeen School system including a state takeover, a new high school principal and conservator. Thursday students were rewarded for their hardwork through a series of fun and informative exercises.

The Aberdeen School system has had a rough couple of years with unacceptable test scores, a decrease in the graduation rate and an increase in drop outs. With a new principal at Aberdeen High things are starting to turn around. It started with the teachers and spread to the students.

Aberdeen High School Assistant Principal Willie May Johnson says, “Kids learn in different ways. Teachers are so use to lecturing and we wanted teachers to get away from that lecturing and do some hands on.”

Fun Review days will take place each month. It’s a good way for students to brush up on what they’ve learned and get everybody up to speed. Students are not only learning they’re having fun in the process. It’s a testament of how Aberdeen Schools is putting its education and its students first.

It’s a change of culture that is taking place in Aberdeen schools. Striving for excellence is the new normal.

High school sophomore Tia Willis, “We are going to start testing in math class and we also have one in english class today. We played a game in world government today and I learned a lot from that.”

According to high school freshman Bannan Beasley, “With the new principal and superintendent the school has gotten a lot better in my point of view. We’re definitely going in the right direction. It’s more fun and more active.”

Students are buying in and education is becoming fun again in Aberdeen.

Johnson says, “You are going to get more from kids if it’s fun and they have complete buy in and sharing responsibility in groups, working as partners, working in teams and being competitive.”

The Fun Review Day will typically focus on Freshman and Sophomore classes.

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