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[bitsontherun JqMlsy9n](ABERDEEN, Ms)(WCBI)- During a specially called meeting FridayAberdeen’s mayor and board of aldermen gave the green light for an economic development and energy initiative project at Stinson Industrial Park.

After meeting with local developers and their partners from Louisiana, Aberdeen city officials are a step closer to beginning Phase One of a three to five year project that is expected to bring jobs and spark growth in what some see as a slow business environment.

“We are excited today the phase one is going to include the solar initiative and a motel and some other developments,” said Cecil Belle, Aberdeen Mayor.

“The project will include solar but also include economic development which include: hotels, infrastructure, retail, commercial, and public municipal facilities. It actually will create a job focus for this area,” said Franklin Lassiter, Development Strategist.

The combined group which is integrating solar energy into the mix is not mentioning exact job numbers, but did elaborate on changing the economic climate within the communities.


“Basically this is a small project we’ve got some scheduled that six times bigger than this one. This project should take us about six months, four to six months to get on line. And the city will start sharing in incentives and in the revenue made off it,” said Tony Ewing, Ewing Solar.


If these developers have their way, this 145 acre plot of land adjacent to the Bankruptcy Court on Highway 145 is poised to become the next major development  initiative in North Mississippi.


“I think this a great push forward for the state, but more importantly for the city of Aberdeen. In providing a green source development that subsequently will provide economic empowerment,” said Kenneth Charity, IBDS.


“Aberdeen is one of the first cities here that actually took the initiative to move forward with solar energy and will be one of the leading cities in this area,” said Ewing.


Phase One construction on that project is expected to begin within the next 60 to 90 days.


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