Annual Slugburger Festival Held in Corinth

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CORINTH, Miss. (WCBI) – For the 3rd year in a row, some of the world’s greatest eaters met in Corinth.

The Slugburger Eating National Championship was a part of the 27th Annual slugburger Festival. Defending Champ Matthew Stonie once again battled rival Joey Chestnut, trying to break Stonie’s 2013 record of 31 Slugburgers consumed in 10 minutes. Stonie won the contest and breaking the record with 43 burgers eaten. Taylor Coombs of Corinth Main Street says a Slugburger is not something you want to eat if you want to lose weight.

“A Slugburger is deep fried soy burger with a combination of a little bit of pork and Soy and flour filler and and it’s deep fried and its served with mustard, pickle, onion and it the contest they do have to eat them like that,” says Coombs.

“I’ve been practicing really hard this year I do contests all year round. And I’ve been improving a lot this year but the Slugburgers they’re moving fast today and with Joey right at my side it pushed me hard,” says Stonie.

Chestnut finished right behind Stonie with 42 burgers eaten. However, Chestnut is the #1 ranked eater overall with Stonie #2.



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