Video: UPDATE: Breaking News: Tupelo Shooting Death

Paulo Salazar

Paulo Salazar

Paulo comes to us from San Antonio, Texas. He graduated from Mississippi State University in 2007 and loves his MSU Bulldogs. Paulo has been with WCBI News over four years and curerently serves as the Weekend Anchor and weekly reporter. To contact him feel free to email him at or follow him on twitter @paulosalazar34.

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4 Responses

  1. whb says:

    Shooter in Tupelo may face a manslaughter charge. Mississippi Code of 1972 SEC. 97-3-29. Homicide; killing while committing a misdemeanor. Assailant (TRESPASSER) in Tupelo had trespassed (a misdemeanor “ONLY”if a NO TRESPASSING sign is veiwable or the person was warned to stay off the property) upon a property. Property owner opened the door; shoot and killed the trespasser. AND GUESS WHAT, NOT KNOWING (having knowledge of) THIS LAW IS NOT A DEFENSE.

  2. Willie H. Bankhead says:

    Mississippi currently has no self-defense law; however, under Mississippi’s Code Sec. 97-3-15. Homicide; justifiable homicide; deadly force must be necessary; the shooter’s life must be in eminent danger. Shooter was within his/her dwelling (not within reach of the offender). Could have called 911; turned on an outside light or simply yelled “I have a gun”. Shooter in Tueplo opened their door; thereby, stepped into the danger zone.

  3. Ed says:

    We need MORE people like the homeowner and you would see a HUGE DROP in crime.
    I applaude this person for standing up for his/her rights.

    • PH says:

      yes but some bleeding heart liberal will cry fowl and say he didn’t have to shoot. He could have just talked to him and this would have been different. yeah right…

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