Controversial Facebook Post: Leaked

Michelle Lowe

Michelle Lowe

Delivering the news in North MS and West AL. has been just one more "Day in the Life" since 2007. Anchor of WCBI News at 9 on MYMS, co-anchor WCBI News at 10. Email me with story ideas!

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  1. De says:

    Our faithful firemen and police officers go on calls all the time to protect and serve the people of this county. I would like to know who in their right minds would NOT be bothered by a call like this!! It is time for someone to speak up for the innocent children!! And to the City Council: You need to become professionals!!! How can you LEGALLY suspend anyone when you do NOT even have a policy written to say what was violated. I hope that someone has enough money to take a stand against unconstitutional treatment; Otherwise the city council, mayor, fire chief and police chief will go scott-free again!! Anyway, what happened to them acting professional if they expect it of their employees??? Maybe we need to set up a fund for legal action to help support these firemen and police officer (with the salaries they make, they sure can’t afford it!).

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