Grandfather Charged in Bus Driver Attack

Steve Rogers

Assistant News Director/Assignment Editor; degree in finance and administration from Yale University; 35 years experience in journalism.

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3 Responses

  1. Tim says:

    The father and mother should both be charged with assault on a school offical and charged with assault to creat fear on the children for putting the children in fear and in danger. Also, the daughter should be suspended from the bus the rest of the year and from school and any school functions while she is suspended from school. If shools would start doing things like this and taking a stand then we would not have as much trouble on the buses or in the school system. Don’t just pat their hand and let the students and parents get away with things. Also, what kind of example is the father and mother leading by acting that way infront of their child?

    • Trecia says:

      If the driver can’t drive the bus and ensure the safety of the children, then he doesn’t need to be a bus driver. He dropped her off at the wrong school…..ANYTHING COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO HER WITH AS EVIL AS PEOPLE ARE!!!!!

      • Lee says:

        Can you not read? The bus driver was not at fault in this situation. The above story states “plainly” that it was the Grand-Parents and Mother of this child who crossed a line here. The article clearly states that the bus driver “accidently” dropped the child at the wrong school, but that the driver “immediately realised his mistake” and contacted the school. Where an “assistant principal” at the school took the child “himself” to the proper school location. This child was never in any danger. A responsible adult was protecting the child the whole time. So I have a question just for you. If a person makes a mistake and the mistake is corrected then it is no longer a problem. Right? You are holding a grude over a situation that was resolved quickly and correctly. It was resolved before something terrible happened, yet you are calling for this driver to be disiplined after he did all the right things to fix the situation. You forget the real situation. The Grand-Parents and the child’s mother were the ones who started the fight before they knew any facts. The child left her lunchbox and obviously lied about it to keep from getting into trouble. Ask yourself why did the child lie? Would out of control grandpa beat her if she told him the truth? That she actually forgot her lunch box on the bus? Is he so unforgiving of a 5 year old child’s mistake? (He did not have any patience with the bus driver afterall. Is this our proof of grandpa’s lack of self control?) The child also obviously failed tell them the whole story of being left at the wrong school. The fact that she was always in the protection of a school official. The driver did nothing wrong in this situation yet you blame him? If you are such a perfect bus driver yourself then you should voulnteer and quickly. The schools need all the help you can possible give. Obviously you are the perfect choice.

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