Pheba Store Owner Fires Off On Guns

RH Brown

RH Brown

The former veteran radio announcer and veteran Vietnam Era Army Medic is also an author. His autobiographical book, Call Me Gullah: An American Heritage is available via in paperback and kindle.

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5 Responses

  1. Rick Ward says:

    By the way Ed, nobody will argue that a storeowner has the right to keep people out with guns. However, we have the right to shop where we want to also. I am contributing to a website that will list all stores who choose not to honor our rights under the second amendment and we are asking people to boycott them.

  2. Rick Ward says:


    The law allows people with an enhanced permit to enter a courthouse with a gun because they received the training the legislature required for that access.


    SO how would you propose the owner keep the criminal out too? Metal detectors at the door operated by security guards might keep them out with guns. A sign sure won’t. Do you think the store owner will bear the cost of that equipment and manpower? Would you go into a store where you had to empty your pockets first? Get real man. Also, you can’t sue from the grave.

  3. Ed says:

    As a store owner he has that right, no guns in my store. With that he has the responsibility to make sure the criminals obey that also, otherwise sue his rear off.

  4. Chelsie Brand says:

    I thought it was illegal to carry a gun in a Courthouse anyways.. even if you have a Carry Permit? So why should there be any confusion to that?

  5. Rick Ward says:

    The only people who will honor signs are the law abiding citizens. Criminals will still come into the stores with guns and it leaves the store owner and the citizen shopper at a deadly disadvantage. I’ll bet you won’t see a handful of people open carrying anyway. And to the Mom and Pop store owner, guess what, the big national chains like Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot and the like have corporate policies to abide by whatever the law is in the state that the store is in. So more of your business will go to the major chains because those people who choose to openly carry will not bother to take of their gun to come into your place. They will go to the major chains. You will be the loser. The police are just angry because they aren’t the only ones who can carry guns in the open now. Many are scared of facing people with guns. They should go talk to the Game Wardens who do it all the time. By the way, I spent 14 years in Mississippi Law Enforcement, graduated from the State Police Academy and FBI National Academy. Also spent 20 years in military law enforcement and physical security.

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