Video: Some Residents Not Concerned About Alligators

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  1. Gail Funderburk says:

    I live right on Tibbee Creek, and from time to time, you see gators swimming by, they really are plentiful down this way; it’s so isolated and there’s so many slews they can hide and live in, undisturbed for the most part. I have a picture that I took of one that’s about a 14 footer. He was sunning on the bank as my husband and I were coming out from the back waters that we were crappie fishing in, I took several pics while he slept . What really amazed me was their speed, he was asleep as I snapped the photos and THEN he was in the water, that fast, snap your finger; also he was not afraid, he surfaced right by the boat, ON MY SIDE, looked right at me as if to say, “you best leave” which we did. Scary, but exciting

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