West Point Toddler Attacked by Pit Bull

Michelle Lowe

Michelle Lowe

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3 Responses

  1. Cole Bryan says:

    Chief Brinkley – Of course we’re extremely sympathetic to the child and family but it’s not the dog. This is more pit bull propaganda. Declaring those 4 breeds as vicious animals? Have you lost your mind?

    • John says:

      It’s not the dog??? Have you lost your mind??? Of course it’s the dog. Have you seen the damage these dogs do when they do attack? I grant you this-pit bulls may, I repeat “may”, not be any more likely to attack than other breeds, but the damage they inflict when they do is horrific.

      A friend of mine’s mother was attacked several years ago in Lanett, Alabama was attacked by a pit bull. It bit her throat out before bystanders could drag it off. She was d.o.a. at the hospital.

      Don’t tell me “it’s not the dog”.

  2. John says:

    At least West Point authorities have the courage to regulate ownership of these worthless animals. Most municipalities and counties don’t, or won’t for political reasons.

    In my experience, however, most of the people who keep these dogs couldn’t spell “vote”, much less figure out how to actually do it.

    The owner of this dog should be incarcerated as long as the child has scars. Even if it’s a lifetime.

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