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ALCORN, Miss. (Daily Corinthian) — New laws may soon put decisions on building codes and the number of justice court judges in the hands of the Alcorn County Board of Supervisors.

Board Attorney Bill Davis advised the supervisors on Monday to be thinking about both matters.

The governor recently signed into law Senate Bill 2378, which enacts a statewide building code but, at the same time, gives the governing bodies of counties and municipalities the authority to opt out. Davis said it appears the law becomes effective Aug. 1, and local governments have a 120-day window from that date in which they may vote not to adopt building codes.

Those that do not opt out must adopt regulations such as the International Building Code.

The effects of Hurricane Katrina nudged the state toward enacting codes. In 2006, a uniform building code was passed for the state’s lower five counties. Commissioner of Insurance Mike Chaney, a proponent of a statewide code, has said it will result in not only better construction but also lower insurance premiums for homeowners.

The other bill in question, House Bill 1226, is awaiting the governor’s signature, Davis said. It would give Alcorn County the option to not increase the number of justice court judges to three.

In the last census, the county hit the population threshold that would require an additional judge to be elected next year. But this change in the law would allow counties with populations between 35,000 to 70,000 to remain at two judges if the supervisors deem that two is sufficient.

Principal author of the bill is Nick Bain (D-Corinth.)

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