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EUPORA, Miss. (WCBI) -She’s been traveling across country since 2011 on horseback and is now crossing through Northeast Mississippi.

Sea G. Rhydr saddled up her prized pony eighteen months ago. Since leaving California on a journey to Maine, she is inspiring people along the way.

“I’ve wanted to do this since I was a little kid reading Little House on the Prairie, the entire series about 7 times and then I started reading source materials of pioneer women and men on wagon trains and thinking man I was born 100 years too late,” said Sea G. Rhydr.

She got the idea for the trip from the book “the Last of the Saddle Tramps” by Annie Wilkins. The author wrote of a similar journey she took back in 1954.

“I’m living in chronic exhaustion at this point, I am physically tired, I’m mentally tired, I’m spiritually exhilarated and I’m looking forward to the end of the ride at this point and on the other hand I just can’t even image it stopping,” added Rhydr .

With about 2 thousand miles left to go, Mr. James has taken Sea Ryder the entire journey and her pony Fine Horn has carried the packs through 7 states.

And every day she only travels 12 to 15 miles, with hourly stops for the horse to rest. But, those breaks in the trip, like the one she took in Eupora helps her connect with communities along the way.

“It’s nice to do this alone actually because I get to meet people more authentically and it’s easier to be invited into someone’s home when it’s just me,” said Rhydr.

“When you see someone strike out on a journey of that magnitude, I know what they’re up against. That length you know, yes she is a stranger but we’re got a love in common and that’s the horse,” said helping hand Bill Hankins.

Rhydr still has a long road ahead, and many people left to meet. From coast to coast, she will be remembered for her big ribbon hat blowing in the wind.

She will be in Eupora until Friday and hopes to reach Maine by November 8th.

To follow Sea G. Rhydr’s journey you can visit her website at www.freerangerodeo.com

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