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PSC Fines Telemarketer

MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) – The Mississippi Public Service Commission has dealt out a $5.7 million penalty to an Arizona-based telemarketer. Its the highest fine ever levied for violating the state’s “Do No Call Law.” Purchase Power Solutions apparently had called a total of 396 people  saying they could help lower their credit card debts. The company racking up some 1100 violations equaling to $5,000 each in maximum penalties.

The agency does not really expect to collect all of the $5.7 million. “Its a tough uphill battle, but not only for us is the goal of finding these companies. And thats very important. But also shutting them down. And when this type of lean goes out and this type of order goes out on a company, they don’t have a choice but to go out of business,” said Brandon Presley, Northern District PSC.

According to Presley one victim in the northern district was charged $800 and only received a set of CDs in the mail.