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Video: Choctaw Hospital Contract A Done Deal

ACKERMAN, Miss. (WCBI) — It’s now a done deal. After appointing a president to the board of trustees of Choctaw County Hospital Monday, all parties involved in securing a manager for the hospital and nursing home have signed on the dotted line.

Every page of the contract was scrutinized before sealing the deal of the contract. Trilogy Health Care Systems of Madison will jointly manage healthcare along with North Sunflower Medical Center. The Choctaw County deal is similar to an arrangement used to make Tallahatchi County Hospital and Nursing Home profitable.

“Its going to be better healthcare for the people in the county; We’ve got three clinics that’s around, goes included with the hospital. A nursing home that’s sitting there with a 60 bed nursing home that’s full right now,” Hospital Board of Trustees President Rick Jenkins said.

Pioneer health Services contract ends July 31.