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Video: Pit Bull Attacks Sturgis Man

OKTIBBEHA COUNTY, Miss. – Sturgis resident Aundra Pittman and his family were still in shock Thursday (12/6), just a day after the vicious dog attack that left him with a limp and wounds to his hand and arms.

“I mean its a protective dog, you know a dog is going to protect their owner. And he just jumped out the truck on me,” said Aundra Pittman, attacked by pitbull.

There appeared to have been a verbal and physical altercation between Pittman and Cindy Wilkes, the mother of his three children

“I don’t really look at it as an accident because after I got the dog off me the first time that might have been an accident that second time he came out I don’t look at that as an accident,” said Pittman.

“She was saying don’t hurt my dog, don’t hurt my dog I love him. But you know we was trying to get our son, you know the dog a loose from his arm,” said Katie Pittman, victim’s mother.

“The main artery in my arm and they had to cut me down in my leg to replace that artery and put it in there,” said Aundra Pittman.

Pittman says Wilkie could have done more to stop her aggressive animal.

“I think she could have. I mean its her dog, she should know how to control him. Should be able to control him. You can’t control you dog you shouldn’t have it,” said Pittman.

Indeed the pit bull breed has gotten unwanted publicity when they cause these type injuries, but one fact remains….another breed’s bite may not have been as severe.

Kids running around and I’m glad it didn’t get on nobody else other than me,” said Pittman.

Pittman plans on seeking legal actions and compensation because of the attack.