101-year-old still works at Texas State Fair

The Texas State Fair has been around for more than a century — and so has one of its beloved employees: Rose Landin. 

For the past 25 years, the 101-year-old been on the fairgrounds as an employee. She still works Monday through Friday as a greeter at the fair’s hospitality center.

“I feel wonderful because I feel like I’m doing something. Staying at home is not fun when you retire,” Landin told CBS Dallas Fort Worth. “[People] always ask, ‘How old are you?’ I say, ‘You’re not supposed to ask a woman that,'” she joked. 

Landin has been visiting the fair her whole life. Before she became an employee, she entered her needlepoint Christmas stockings in creative arts contests.

Rose Landin, right, has worked for the fair for 25 years.  CBS Dallas Fort Worth

“Every year we come back and see you,” one man told Landin after stopping by her post last week. She hands out maps and helps visitors find her way – always with a smile on her face. 

For the quarter of a century that she’s worked at the fair, some things have changed. “This year we have a lot of young people [working], which is wonderful,” Landin said.

“I get up in the morning and I’m happy,” she said. “I live for one day, one day at a time. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and I hope I enjoy it for 100 more years.”

screen-shot-2019-10-09-at-2-19-17-pm.png Landin uses a walker, but says she has no plans of quitting her Monday through Friday job at the State Fair. CBS Dallas Fort Worth

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