16 year old Louisville local has his own car detailing business

16 year old Cameron Hathorne said if you work hard, you can do anything.

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Water, soap, and a car.

If you’re looking for a deep clean, Cameron Hathorne has you covered.

“I really started because I wanted to see different cars and learn different features about them and drive them. So, when you like something and you can do it, try your best to get it done,” Cameron Hathorne said.

Over the last 2 years, Hathorne has washed and detailing nearly 50 cars- sizes big and small.

He started his own business “Cam’s Detailing”.

And one more thing, he’s only 16.

Back in July of 2016, Cameron lost his father Michael Hathorne due to heartache. Cameron’s mother, Carmelia Hathorne said washing cars means a little more to Cameron than some might think.

“It started with the car washing when his dad, his dad passed in July 2016. He washed cars 24/7, especially his own. It stayed clean and that was his thing and it was something that him and Cameron did together all the time when Cam was little, all the way up,” Carmelia Hathorne said.

“When he passed away, I started keeping our cars clean. People started to see me do that stuff so they stopped by, I started washing their cars and my business started to grown,” Cameron Hathorne said.

When a car pulls into the driveway, he does a full cleaning – from inside out. But it wasn’t easy at first, Hathorne learned it took a keen eye so he wouldn’t miss a spot.

However, his sister Jaelen Hathorne said it only pushed him to continue.

“I think that’s how he’s been growing. You know, he really takes it in and makes sure that he does what he has to do and any car, he trying to make sure he does his best. It doesn’t matter whose car it is, no matter what type of form it’s in when it gets here. When it leaves, it’s a totally different car,” Jaelen Hathorne said.

And he thanks his family and clients for advice and patience.

Cameron was able to buy his own car by the age of 15. His cousin Ryan Brown says it’s rare to be inspired by teenagers, but Cameron is the exception.

“I’m just amazed by him. Amazed. He’s 16, bought his own car, he worked to get it. You know, other 16-year-olds are doing other things,” Brown said.

With Cameron’s passion and positive response from his business, he said he’s planning on making this into a career.

“I want to expand my business to where I can still run it but I can have people working for me when I get out of school and I want to be where I can have more room to have more cars at a time and I won’t be cluttered,” Cameron Hathorne said.

Cameron added that he could not have accomplished his goals without his family’s support and help.

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