Dog trainer says lessons don’t end after classes are over

ETHELSVILLE, Ala. ( WCBI)- Service dogs are trained to be life savers but owners can be at risk of losing their lives if their dog doesn’t maintain its training.

When you are dependent, keeping your dog trained and consistent is important.

Angela Strong shares her road to becoming a trainer and how she is helping to fill the gaps between handlers and their dogs.

“I was on death’s door,” said Strong.

Almost 20 years ago, Strong was close to losing her life because of health issues.

She was able to overcome the rough time with the help of a therapy dog.

” I have tubes and everything attached to you and then to have a dog come in and change that demeanor,” said Strong.

She realized then a  dog’s life-saving abilities and it motivated her to become a trainer.

Two decades later, she has trained countless dogs.

“I have a dog that is trained as a mobility dog and he helps me stand. If for some reason I am on the ground he will wait and I can do a stand command with him and he can help me back up,” said Strong.

Strong says even the best life-saving dogs need consistent training, something many dog owners lack.

Her goal is to close that link between a handler and their dog.

“Whether it’s an obedience dog, therapy, or service dog training is number one, and staying on top of it and consistency is huge. .. but sometimes there seems to be a missing link. My job is to help out the veteran, recipient, or first responder to stay on top of that training,” said Strong.

Strong says that communication is key with your animal.

” The communication between dog and owner or dog and handler is super important. Dogs are constantly communicating with you. They are communicating with other dogs and animals in the household and being able to understand those ques is important…bottom line a lot of people just don’t understand what their dog is trying to tell them,” said Strong.

In addition to the importance of communication, Strong says your dog can potentially sense if you’re physically or mentally ill before you.

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