2020 Daily Trail Markers: 2020 Daily Trail Markers: Co-hosts for fourth Democratic debate are announced


Here’s a roundup of the CBS News Political Unit’s reporting for CBSN and CBSNews.com this week:


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The fourth Democratic debate

The New York Times and CNN will be co-hosting the next debate match-up in October in Westerville, Ohio.

The third Democratic debate

The 10 leading Democratic candidates focused heavily on health care and gun control Thursday in the first debate where all the qualifying candidates stood on the same stage.

In Houston, there were also a few sharp jabs exchanged by candidates, in particular, when Julián Castro harshly accused Joe Biden of contradicting himself and questioned whether his memory was faltering. “Are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago,” he asked. He later slammed Biden for embracing his role in the Obama administration only when it was convenient.

Although Biden was targeted the most during the debate for his policies, other candidates chastised Castro for his manner of questioning Biden.

Here’s how the debate played out if you missed it — read more here.

Castro defends his exchange with Biden

Afterwards on CBSN, CBS News political correspondent Ed O’Keefe talked with Castro and pointed out that some of Castro’s rivals’ campaigns had called his criticism of Biden “disqualifying” and a “low blow.” 

Castro defended his remarks. “This wasn’t about personalities. This was about a difference in health care policy,” Castro argued. Watch the interview and read about it here.



On the heels of the third Democratic debate, Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren rolled out their latest Iowa endorsements on Friday, according to CBS News campaign reporter Adam Brewster

Buttigieg’s campaign announced Polk County Supervisor Matt McCoy is endorsing the South Bend mayor. McCoy was the first openly gay member of the Iowa State Legislature, and has served in both the Iowa House and Iowa Senate. 

“As a veteran and a Midwest mayor, Pete can heal the division in our country. I trust Pete’s heart and know that he will always work to support the best interest of Americans,” McCoy said in a statement. 

Meanwhile, Warren’s campaign announced endorsements from 15 grassroots organizers around the state. Six of those endorsements come from Johnson County, Iowa’s most Democratic county. This was the first time the Warren campaign has rolled out a major batch of endorsements in a press release, which other campaigns have done throughout the summer.


Buttigieg’s team opened its first Nevada office with a debate watch party Thursday, joining others (including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren) who have placed an early premium on the Latino-heavy East Las Vegas neighborhood. 

“The path to our victory goes through Nevada, and it goes through Latino voters and the community there,” Jess O’Connell, senior adviser to the campaign, tells CBS News campaign reporter Alex Tin. O’Connell claims a third of Buttigieg’s organizers in Nevada identify as Latino, with the campaign working to roll out training and campaign materials in Spanish as they grow the South Bend mayor’s 30-strong staff across the state. 

“We’ve been organizing for a while there, but we’re excited to put some structure around it with these offices and have a place where people can come,” says O’Connell.



The Giffords PAC and Gabby Giffords are traveling to Aurora, Colorado this weekend to support Omar Montgomery who is running for mayor against former U.S. Congressman Mike Coffman, reports CBS News Political Unit associate producer Ellee Watson

In 2018, the PAC spent nearly $1.5 million targeting Coffman for his relationship with the National Rifle Association. Coffman lost his House seat to Democrat Jason Crow. The PAC is back in Colorado to send a message that politicians who refuse to take action on guns should be out of politics at any level.