4-H kids in Clay County are getting a lesson in wellness

CLAY COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – 4-H kids in Clay County are getting a lesson in wellness.

A 4-H program called “Junio Master Wellness Volunteers”, was created in conjunction with the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Classes are taught as an in-school program with two health science courses taking place at West Point Career and Technology Center.

Celina Mukeba, a 4-H volunteer, talks about the opportunity to spread awareness about health literacy.

“I think it is important for a small community to share information about our health so that people can be more health literate and take care of ourselves. Especially during this time of COVID, it’s important to keep our health tip-top. So sharing this information is rewarding,” said Mukeba.

Today, the 4H class public health awareness by drawing encouraging messages on a sidewalk at Sally Kate Winters Park.

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