4 injured, including 2 firefighters, in explosion at Oktoberfest

What does Krystal Lee know about Kelsey Berreth’s murder?

Not long after Kelsey Berreth disappeared last Thanksgiving, one woman told a wild story that would lead to a huge break in the case — and Berreth’s fiancé being charged in her death

2H ago

Dallas Officer Mistaken Apartment Witness

Witness who testified in Amber Guyger trial shot to death

Joshua Brown, a neighbor of the former cop and Botham Jean, testified for the prosecution

3H ago

APTOPIX Homeless Men Killed

4 homeless men killed while sleeping in New York City

A 24-year-old man was taken into custody, police said. The murder weapon was recovered by police.

12H ago


Florida woman arrested with arsenal of weapons

Suspect Michelle Kolts, 27, lives with her parents, who turned her in

Oct 4

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