50 trombones handed out to honor Parkland school shooting victim

In deep-red West Virginia, Warren touts plan to fight opioid crisis

A dozen locals in full Trump garb stood watch in a nearby parking lot while about 150 people listened to the Massachusetts Democrat discuss her proposal

2H ago

Teaching anti-vax parents to trust science and the MMR vaccine

With hundreds of measles cases in the U.S., and approximately 110K global deaths from measles in 2017 (mostly children under five), public health experts are employing scientific facts as an antidote to vaccine misinformation

13H ago

New vaccine offers new hope for pancreatic cancer patients

When cancer develops in the pancreas, the diagnosis often comes after the cancer has already spread

May 10

Can surprise medical bills be stopped?

Trump urging Congress to offer consumers relief from hospital sticker shock. How best to do that? There’s much to debate

May 10

Teacher who uses “mood notes” says she’s seen an impact on grades

“They’re believing in themselves,” Erin Castillo said about her students

May 10

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